Thursday, May 9, 2013

Post Ranch: Some Vacation Inspiration

At its most basic level, I can say—without a doubt—that our home remodel was inspired by a desire to create a simple feeling: that we are on vacation. What could be better than a vacation vibe 365 days a year? Our family LOVES to go on vacation, mostly to upstate New York to visit my family where we spend time together at my parent's summer cottage located on Lake Ontario. But, I've been lucky to vacation in some other wonderful places, too, over the years.
   Being a magazine editor (and sometimes travel writer) has afforded me with the incredible opportunity to discover some pretty cool hotels, places I may not have otherwise even known about let alone experience.
   This brings me to the whole reason for this particular post. Though I can't say any one hotel is my ultimate favorite, Post Ranch comes pretty close. My two days at a Post Ranch treehouse in Big Sur made a lasting impression.
   I thought we could take a break this week from all of renovation updates and meander leisurely through these dreamy pics of Post Ranch Inn. Let me know what you think?

The deck of one of the treehouses. My personal favorite.

Morning fog makes the connecting stairs look even more interesting. There are often deer below the trees.

Yeah. I could live here. Give me even 250 square feet in a tree house and I could make it work as my main residence.

Great panoramic views. Love the sky lights.

The architecture is nicely integrated into the natural surroundings of all of these trees.

I loved this bath tub. You can't go wrong with wood and slate and a picturesque wooded view.

From every angle, the treehouse looks interesting.

Look at that view.

Another beautiful view from your own personal hot tub.

Such an interesting curved shape.

I'm digging this grape stake fence with boulders. So simple.

Now this is a getaway. I love the detail of the round window, too.

This is one of the butterfly rooms. Notice the interesting sky light.

A walking path that will take you up to the restaurant, which serves food that is truly otherworldly.

This is the restaurant Sierra Mar. I happen to have a copy of the Sierra Mar Cookbook sitting on my desk right now. It has so many incredible recipes in it, like Roast Beet Salad With Horseradish Creme Fraiche, Walnut Pesto and Bitter Greens. This restaurant was ranked as the #1 Hotel Restaurant in California by Zagat surveys, which is pretty amazing.

Are you feeling relaxed yet?

Definitely recommend the star gazing.

Now that's a window seat with a view.

Another shot of Sierra Mar at night. I'll end it here--I'm getting hungry just looking at this pic. For more breathtaking views, of course, visit

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