Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Walled Courtyard Update: Getting Steps and a Planter

Here's an update on our walled courtyard, which is coming along nicely. Here is a shot of the landing steps. This will really be the main entry of our home now. I asked for steps that were deep enough that I could get a stroller down them, but I realize we won't be needing a stroller for much longer! Max turns 2 next month.

Here's the concrete base going on the wall. The Vasari stucco in the salmon tone will go over this once the surface is nice and smooth. 

Notice the new stacked stone planter in front of the wall. I was afraid the wall was too big and bland and a planter helped to visually break up the space. I'll put lavender in there as soon as the wall is finished and our old wooden bench in front of it. That long planter required a lot of stone! But we cleaned up much of the front yard debris by using it and got rid of extra dirt by making a planter. The rest of our stone will be used on the front entry steps and to make a winding path leading to the sidewalk.

Ah, a view down at the second step of our new front entry. Can't wait to come in and out this door. So much easier.

This is what you see when you enter the old wood gate. The flagstone and pea gravel patio is nearly finished. We opted to go with the gravel because it allowed water drainage and it was far cheaper than cementing everything in. This should make a nice outdoor room. What do you think?

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