Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hall Closet: A Little Bit More Finished

The hall closet is a little bit more finished. These baskets will mainly hold linens, dirty laundry and laundry soaps. 

The doorway to the right is the new entrance to the master bedroom. Same general location, but arched and plastered with a reclaimed oak door and brass door knob. (It came with the old doors we found on Craig's list. At first, we thought we'd switch the brass knobs out, but the color looks surprisingly good so we're keeping them.)

Take a look at the basket on the top shelf. This is actually the laundry hamper for the upper loft. There's a little opening up top to shoot down dirty laundry and for small children to crawl though. (Yup, they do it all the time.) While I couldn't squeeze it into the pic, there is also a chandelier in the vaulted part of the hallway ceiling. Pretty at night, but you never need to turn on any lights during the day. Not the case with the old dark hallway.

Just a reminder what the old hallway used to look like. And this wasn't the real old hallway before we took the ceiling out and roof off. But the white doors shown here will give you the gist. We removed these old closet doors, stripped them and are turning them into a built in bookcase.

There will be a simple linen skirt here to hide the other laundry basket in the bottom.  I'll post that after it's installed. Hardwood floors in the main living room and dining room open/floor plan are getting finished this week as I write this.  And the concrete floors get a better polish tomorrow. Very exciting! I'll share those pics soon.
Have a great week!

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