Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Kids' Bathroom: A Quick Update and More

Getting so close to finishing our house now! The kid's bathroom is just a few steps away from final. Thought you might like to take a look. Everything works. The carved mirrors still need to get hung though. This bathroom will function for guests, especially those using our pool, so it's not decorated with the usual primary colors and kid stuff. We're going for timeless, rustic, organic. My daughter, who is mermaid-obsessed, likes the shell with the heart carved into the tops of the mirrors. So, that was enough to win her over. And she LOVES her new bathroom.

Just another view. And if you look in the mirror ...yup, that's me with Max. I had to stand in the kid's water closet to take this picture.

Yet another angle. I wanted to get more of the chandelier in the shot and show off some of the high ceilings with the white washed cedar planks.

Here's a reminder of my early sketch. We ended up cutting up our kitchen island instead of our table, so no cabriolet legs on the vanity like the ones I drew in this sketch. (So glad we didn't chop up our dining room table.) And we haven't built in that side closet just yet or placed any upper shelves. What do you think? Did we sort of come close to the early plan so far?

Ah, an earlier phase. The vanity standing on its side. At this point, I feared I did the wrong thing by asking to have the kitchen island sliced right in half. 

Here is a shot showing a peek of the French pocket doors into Max's bedroom. And you can see a little more of those French pavers cleaned and sealed.  A wire basket holds pool towels. And there's a wooden step stool for Max, who already fell off of it twice!

And I couldn't resist showing off our new hardwood floors, the DuChateau wide plank European Oak in natural finish. Right now, this great room space is pretty wide open, so we have dance parties with the kids and we even brought out the gymnastics mat for cartwheel and handstand practice. Do we really need furniture?

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