Monday, May 13, 2013

Just a Quick Update: The Loft Ladder Takes Shape

We've been busily completing the loft ladder today. And I think it turned out beautifully, so I wanted to report in with a quick update.  It was crafted entirely from an old beam that used to be in the attic. It was a nice piece of old wood, so we put it aside, thinking we could find a use for it--and we did!

You'll notice that the railing is made from inexpensive galvanized electrical conduit from our local hardware store. Each rail had to be fastened in three places to be super-sturdy. But I think it works, especially with the barn door hardware. That box behind it is holding the air return for our new central air system. There was no where else to put it--so, alas, it had to go here. We were hoping that by cladding it in some old wood (also reclaimed from our old ceiling), and tucking it behind the ladder, it wouldn't look too conspicuous. See what you think.

I'm going back in time with the next series of photos. Here is the ladder without the railing and the finished return. We already know we'll have to install some sort of safety system so our one year old doesn't get up these stairs when we're not looking! He's a big fan of stairs, ladders and hammers.

Now, we're going back a little further in time. This used to be our loft ladder for quite a few months. The view of the junk in the lower back room is just not that pretty. Yikes.

Wow. Now, this is a little further back. No stone clad walls. No upper partial walls. Not even the sky light was installed yet. It didn't stop Zjena from regularly going to "her loft room" to hang out. Glad she's an agile kid. I'm much happier now, though, with the walls and railings.

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