Monday, July 1, 2013

This Week's Update: Prep for Plaster

There is dust and debris everywhere this week. Furniture, toys and clothing have made their way into our backyard and it's a mess. Looks like a tornado hit. I spend my weekends white-washing as many cedar boards as I can, but after the first 50, I'm getting pretty efficient at it. It's scary to think that my parents and sister (and her two kids) are coming to visit us (to see our finished house) at the end of July! We have officially blown past all of our estimated date of completion schedules. I'm trying to press for some "Extreme House Makeover" pacing, but it's more like "This Old House" speed. The upside: We're getting to the primer step and that's hopeful. Here's a shot of the kid's bathroom after it's been primed for plaster. Our plaster is a step lighter than what's called Navajo white, so it will be a little creamier than what you see here. And, of course, it will have that lovely aged texture you can only get from natural plaster. 

The kid's shower/tub is taking shape. It got primed, too. There is some grouting details that will have to be tended in order to clean up all of the stone edges and it's on the list. It's just that list is so darn long.

The arch around the doors to the kid's water closet is taking shape. 

This is the area under the loft, which is where Max's bed will go. Just bought a basket on wheels that will fit under his bed and hold toys, but don't have anywhere to store it for now. Is that putting the cart before the horse? Maybe, but it was the last one and it fit the dimensions perfectly.

Another view of all that joint compound.  There is nothing that makes more dust than sanding joint compound. It's everywhere. 

The partial wall that hides our closet got dry wall on Saturday and an HDMI cable for the new flat screen TV. Although we may have to wait a few years to afford anything to put on this wall! But I'm an optimist and like to plan ahead.

A view from the other side of that partial wall in our bedroom. What a mess. But the ceiling looks nice.

Our crew is also simultaneously working on finishing the ceiling in the kitchen. When the ceiling is in, Milo promises we can place all of the appliances and lower cabinets. Can't wait to see how they look. Did I mention we still have to build a base for our sink? Add that to the list. We've been cooking on a barbecue for the past year, so this kitchen will be an extreme luxury.

I hesitate to put this image on here because it's not my best painting job. But when you get one hour to paint while your 19 month old takes a nap, you tend to cut corners. When he woke up, this job had to BE DONE if you know what I mean. This cabinet used to be yellow and green. And before that blue... This was a built-in I found by the side of the road many years ago, and well, rather than get rid of it, I'm hoping to reinvent it again. It will be filled with baskets of Barbie dolls, assorted squinkies, craft supplies, etc.,  and placed in my daughter's loft space. BJ White Linen is the color I had on hand and it works with the neutral color palette. One of the glass doors came to be broken, so I'm removing the glass on the other side and replacing it with chicken wire. I'll post the final pics. Have a great week!